Patient Spotlight: Q&A with Mom

by Phototherapy, Vitiligo

When it comes to managing chronic skin conditions, all successes are worth celebrating – small and large. We wanted to take this time to recognize one of our patients who has seen incredible results using the Zerigo Health System in a short period of time. Since this patient is only 8 years old, we asked his mother to share her experience in managing her son’s Zerigo Health treatments.


Q: How has the Zerigo Health Home Light Therapy System changed your outlook on managing Levi’s vitiligo?

A: At first, my husband began searching on Google (which can sometimes be scary when it comes to researching a medical condition). While we found a lot of helpful information, one of the things we found that stood out the most is the fact that vitiligo is linked to depression. When our dermatologist told us about the Zerigo Health Home Light Therapy System, it made us hopeful that we could manage this on our own, in the comfort of our own home, and potentially even get some of the color back on his skin.


Q: Have you been encouraged since using the Zerigo Health Home Light Therapy System?

A: The improvement that Levi has seen in such a short time is very encouraging, especially since our dermatologist said that it could take several months to begin seeing any improvement at all, and that typically the further you get from the torso, the harder it is to repigment the skin. Interestingly, in the beginning, the most noticeable improvement were the two spots on the back of his hand that filled in!


Q: Do his friends notice that his skin is changing?

A: You know, it’s funny – his friend is the reason we even noticed his vitiligo in the first place. His friend noticed the spots on his hands and asked about them, which is what spurred us to begin our research. Sometimes they ask questions, but we make it as normal as possible and tell them that “it’s just vitiligo, and it’s totally not a big deal.” Levi’s encouraged by the improvement he’s experienced so far.


Q: Would you recommend this for other people who have vitiligo?

A: The short answer: yes, absolutely! It’s been so easy for us – we can take it with us whenever we travel. Sometimes treating can take a little time, but honestly we just have him watch a show on his iPad. And if his skin continues to improve, then it’s just hopeful.


Q: What advice would you give to other parents managing their children’s skin conditions with Zerigo Health home phototherapy?

A: The thing I would like to tell people is to just be patient and be consistent with the treatment. It’s like the Zerigo Health CarePartner told us when we had our initial onboarding call: “It’s going to take a while before seeing any major results.”



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