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Artemis Health and Zerigo Health Announce Partnership

Artemis Health and Zerigo Health Announce Partnership to Help Employers and Health Plans Better Evaluate and Manage Chronic Autoimmune Skin Conditions

  • Artemis by Nomi Health and Zerigo Health have partnered to make the Zerigo Solution available to health plan and employer clients to help better evaluate and manage rising specialty drug costs for chronic autoimmune skin conditions.
  • As part of the partnership, clients will gain access to one of Artemis’ latest products, Console, to measure the Zerigo Solution’s impact on their members’ outcomes, quality of life, and costs.

Salt Lake City, UT, September 8, 2022 – Artemis Health, a best-in-class benefits analytics platform announced a partnership with Zerigo Health, which delivers the only connected light therapy solution for treating chronic skin conditions at home or on the go. This partnership helps employers, advisors, and health plans evaluate and manage benefits for their members with chronic autoimmune skin conditions such as psoriasis and atopic dermatitis (eczema).

“Benefits leaders are inundated by hundreds of point solutions, and many aren’t sure how to prioritize their investments in new programs” said Grant Gordon, Co-Founder and CEO of Artemis. “Since 2013, we've been helping employers optimize their benefits by identifying cost and quality opportunities. We identified chronic skin condition management as an area of immense need after conducting analyses for several of our existing clients and found that Rx spend for these conditions alone are costing employers $631.80 per utilizer per month on average, making it one of the highest cost drivers at over 10% of total drug spend. We're excited to partner with Zerigo to bring both Console and the Zerigo Solution to help employers better evaluate and manage their chronic skin condition benefits.”

As part of the partnership, Artemis clients will have the ability to evaluate their specialty drug spend and trend for chronic skin conditions, and seamlessly add the Zerigo Solution to their benefits offering through their existing agreement with Artemis. Additionally, clients who choose to add Zerigo will gain no-cost access to Artemis’ newest product, Console, a first-of-its-kind point solution evaluation tool that empowers benefits leaders and advisors to better access and evaluate outcomes, insights and key performance metrics for their benefits programs against five key pillars: engagement, care & utilization, financial impact, consumer satisfaction, and clinical outcomes. Clients will be able to use Artemis Console analytics to help identify candidates for the Zerigo Solution and easily evaluating the program’s impact on member satisfaction, clinical outcomes, quality of life, and costs.

“Health plans and self-insured employers are dealing with rapidly rising specialty drug costs for the treatment of psoriasis and eczema, which affect approximately 10% of the population, but together cost over $25 billion per year and are growing at over 20% per year,” said John Schellhorn, Zerigo’s President & CEO. Schellhorn added, “Through this innovative partnership with Artemis, we can leverage the power of data to help health plans and employers better identify and address these rising costs with American Academy of Dermatology guideline-recommended therapy and wraparound care support that generates positive health outcomes for members at substantially lower costs than existing specialty drug alternatives.”

Zerigo Health's FDA-cleared, natural light therapy solution safely and effectively shifts dermatological care from the clinic to the controlled convenience of home, keeping physicians and their patients with chronic skin conditions connected with personalized data and insights. Zerigo members can easily self-administer clinically proven NB-UVB phototherapy using a handheld device and smartphone app. Prescription dosing is controlled via secure cloud-based technology and is personalized based on each member's response to treatment, helping to ensure that members are treating safely in accordance with their physicians' prescriptions. Members are also remotely monitored and provided personal coaching nd support throughout their treatment journey.

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Zerigo Health offers the only comprehensive home solution that seamlessly connects patients and providers to deliver optimal dermatological outcomes. Zerigo’s precision solution remotely treats and monitors patients with chronic skin conditions using narrowband ultraviolet B (NB-UVB) phototherapy, a proven, standard-of-care treatment. Patients benefit from the unique combination of advanced technology with personal coaching and support throughout their treatment journey, which results in documented increases in treatment adherence and patient satisfaction. To learn more, visit or on LinkedIn or Twitter

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